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Energy efficient design

The natural properties of timber, combined with the modern methods of construction used throughout our range of log buildings, results in a highly energy efficient structure which improves comfort and reduces heating and ventilation costs.

The high quality timber, bespoke joinery and superior insulation used in all our log buildings have been tested against stringent criteria to ensure excellent protection against the elements all year round.

What’s more, our commitment to embracing the latest design principles and low carbon technologies has resulted in our log buildings exceeding international standards for energy efficiency.

Forest management and the responsible use of resources are crucial to the sustainability of our industry. By purchasing timber only from certified sources we can ensure our business meets international requirements and has a positive effect on the environment.

We use Finnish timber, spruce and pine as materials. The tree trunks are split and reattached leaving the hard heart wood facing out. This creates a dimensionally accurate, non-splitting building material. A professionally designed and manufactured log building can remain unchanged for decades.

There are various sizes of laminated log for different purposes. Depending on the building site, you could use log or additional thermal insulation structures. If additional insulation structures are used, we provide a log paneling that looks identical to the log wall itself.

Laminated logs are a beautiful and natural material, providing warmth and atmosphere throughout the whole building. The wooden surfaces can be tinted with different glazing stains. Alternatively, plates can be used to allow the surface to be painted, tiled or wallpapered as desired. Also, different corner and connection solutions can be constructed from laminated logs, with short corners being especially suited for windy locations.

Our suppliers hold a variety of accreditations demonstrating their commitment to environmental best practice and providing products of the highest quality.

PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification scheme. The PEFC logo indicates to customers that timber is sourced from properly managed forests.

ISO 9001 certification covers all areas of company activity and creates a strong foundation for quality and development.